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Despite advances in technology, social networking and communications finding biological family can be challenging and complicated. We are here to make life easier, to help you on your journey, and to find the answers you have been searching for. We provide a comprehensive range of professional services to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome for you.

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Our initial consultation is free, and before we undertake any work, we assess each case on its own merit. We determine our clients’ objectives; we talk through the process and discuss possible outcomes. Once our client is comfortable with the process, we then begin the journey. From our undertaking, we will keep the client informed and updated at every key stage of the process.

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Research & Tracing Family In Ireland

The work involved in tracing is extensive and complex. Research and tracing in Ireland demand a familiarity with Irish records and the skills to extract relevant details from them; the ability to differentiate between facts and probabilities and between sourced and unsourced material. Research work through the Repositories, their historical records, records of government departments and records from the Public Record office of Ireland (PROI) can be enlightening. It can give a broader perspective on family life and family circumstances in Ireland during a particular period. We offer professional research into tracing your Irish roots. Sourcing documents and information in public records including births, deaths, marriages. We undertake all our research with an open mind and forensic attention to detail. There are many reasons to research and trace family roots in Ireland. It can be in search of Long-Lost Family through adoption or separation, for legal purposes, applying for Irish passports or citizenship or in search of Irish heritage and identity.

Research & Tracing Family through DNA

Everyone inherits DNA from their biological parents. DNA matching is a very effective way to make connections with biological relatives. Tracing ancestry and family through DNA is now a major social trend, and DNA testing has led to breakthroughs in cases which were otherwise deemed impossible. There are many DNA testing services and millions of people around the world have completed DNA testing to uncover their roots and connect to living relatives. Current technology used by testing companies such as AncestryDNA is extremely accurate. DNA has been a game changer in tracing family lost through adoption and separation. In such cases, once a client obtains DNA matches it may be comparable to trying to solve a riddle or puzzle. It can be very daunting and overwhelming to piece together the puzzle with numerous connections and identifying whether links are paternal or maternal. We work at finding family through DNA analysis alongside other resources. DNA can be key to resolving adoption mysteries, giving people the deepest sense of who they are.

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Research & tracing through Repositories & Resources

Linda Mulligan graduated with a Diploma in Irish Family History and understands the extensive and complex research required to navigate Irish State held records. Records of government departments and their agencies are transferred to the National Archives when they are 30 years old. These records are extremely valuable for family and local history research. Civil registration began in Ireland in 1845 for Non-Roman Catholic Marriages and for all births, marriages and deaths in 1864. Indexes and digitalized records are centrally held in the General Register Office (GRO) in Dublin. Online indexes are available through and There are numerous websites with databases compiled from various resources such as civil records, parish records etc. These databases are tables of transcribed information from the original resource. Research through the various online resources can challenging and the process demands a precise method. There are many variations and inconsistencies, and it is essential to question, assess and cross check findings. We approach research with evaluation, logical progression and by taking one step at a time.

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We conduct private investigation on behalf of our clients. Given the sensitive nature of our work, we guarantee a professional service, with absolute client confidentiality, discretion and care. We can take the weight off your shoulders and efficiently and discreetly conduct investigative work using all resources available to research, trace and connect lives. We are dedicated to your goal and will work to the best of our ability to deliver positive outcomes.

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We provide genealogy services to include a study of your family tree. We source and investigate Irish historical records of the past and present members of your family. We specialize and focus our research on Irish heritage and roots. There are many Irish genealogical resources available online, but there are many Irish records only accessible by making personal visits to repositories in Ireland. We follow a detailed step by step process to tracing your Irish Ancestors. We follow best practices and present our findings is a detailed and clearly laid out report.

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Mediation is a process wherein parties meet with a mutually selected impartial person. Delicate situations such as adoption and other unique family circumstances can greatly benefit from the assistance of a trained third person mediator. Mediators can be instrumental in settling disputes or creating agreement through the mediation process. The mediator moves through the process and seeks mutual agreements and best possible outcomes for all parties.

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